TripTheEarth is to bridge the gap between the tripper and the Hotels, Resorts, Taxi and Package Owners. We want that trippers communicate directly with the Hotels, Resorts, Taxi & Package Owners and get all the facts right before starting the trip. This would help the tripper to have the most correct, latest information and the best price for the service. We believe that no one can bargain better than you for your holiday.

We simplify the Hotel, Resort, Taxi and Package search by getting the Contact information, Tariff, Details & pictures of all the services on a single platform. Client does not have to spend hours on search engines to plan a holiday. We also empower the tripper with the ability to provide feedbacks of the holiday with the provider and the fellow trippers.

Why wait? Pick your phone and talk to a Hotel for your next holiday……

Our Team


The idea of TripTheEarth was conceptualized by Saurabh on a rainy afternoon of July 2012. A result of his unending quest of a product which as a traveler he always felt was required. Saurabh has 7+ years of experience in Analytics/Financial management. After studying Mathematics and Statistics at College he spent some good years working with Fidelity and Genpact. The entrepreneur in him never allowed him to settle in routine analytics and portfolio management. His entrepreneurial instincts have been the driving force in all his ventures. A keen reader Saurabh loves to travel and party in his free time.


Navdeep’s work on planning TripTheEarth needs a special mention. He was instrumental in getting this venture on paper. He owes his art of creativity and execution to his mentor Saurabh. Navdeep belongs to the mountains and travel is in his DNA. He is one guy who is never out of enthusiasm. In his free time Navdeep likes to travel, read, watch WWE Wrestling and movies.