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All the hotels & resorts listed on TripTheEarth gets increased customer reach. Instead of a static website owners get a dynamic website, the contents and photos of which can be updated by you at your convenience. Hotels & Resorts don’t have to rely on a technical team to do it. As a result you have reduced IT & SEO costs.

Hotel & Resort team gets to directly communicate with the client, which removes any room for confusion created by intermediaries. Hotel & Resort accepts reservation according to their reservations and cancellation policies and don’t have to follow policies of third parties. The team has all the freedom to run deals as per need to increase occupancy. The Hotels & Resorts get to receive all the payments directly from customers in to their account with no third party interventions.


  • Unique Login ID & PW
  • Dynamic webpage
  • Hotel & Resort Page managed by your team
  • Room and Date wise live inventory management software
  • Reservations management software
  • Option to view & print reservation reports
  • Reduced or no IT costs
  • Reduced or no SEO costs